About us

The Aikido group was founded in March 2017.  At first, ukemi (front- and backward rolls) and basic techniques and principles have been taught in a beginner course.

Some participants of the first beginner course in March 2017

Currently, the group consists of about 17 active Akidokas. From time to time, we also meet outside the training schedule for social activities. Additional participants are welcome.

Group photo from December 2017

There was also an article in the local newspaper (Badische Neueste Nachrichten) featuring our beginner course. It’s in German, but you can find it here.

In December 2017 the sports club Linkenheim decided to establish an Aikido department.

In June 2018 we welcomed Takashi Kuroki Sensei for the first time to hold a seminar in Linkenheim.

Aikido-Lehrgang Kuroki-sensei 2018
Participants of the Aikido seminar with Takashi Kuroki Sensei, June 2018

In July 2018, the first examinations were carried out, in which some successfully passed the 5th Kyu (student grade).