Structure of a training session

The structure of a training session varies depending on the trainer and the respective style of Aikido that is taught. Our training most often follows this basic structure:

  • Welcome and short meditation
  • Gymnastics / Warm-up
  • Exercises for ukemi (forward-, backward-rolls,…)
  • Exercises for basic movements / warming-up techniques
  • Various techniques, empty handed as well as with staff, sword and knife
  • Closing of the training session

In general, the defensive techniques in Aikido are first shown and explained while the participants watch carefully. Then, they are practiced mostly in pairs until the next technique is shown.

Training for beginners and advanced students

Day Time Place Trainer
Tuesday (paused) 20:00 – 21:30 Sports hall No 2 (red) Lars
Thursday 20:00 – 21:30 Sports hall No 2 (red) Lars

We need some minutes for placing the tatami, so please show up no later than19:50.

Information about  training clothes and required equipment can be found here.

Training location

Sports hall No. 3

Currently, the training sessions take place in the sports hall No. 3 of the school centre Linkenheim. The entrance is on the back side (“Sporthalle 3 Eingang”).

The public transport KVV-station “Linkenheim Schulzentrum” is within close proximity and is serviced by the tram lines  S1/S11.

Sports field at the school centre

In case the sports halls are closed (e.g. during the school holidays) we meet at the sports field close to the school centre for outdoor training. Nevertheless, these training sessions only take place in good weather conditions and after having been explicitly announced.